London-based Pots & Co is a dessert company that makes its desserts in reusable ceramic pots, which can be repurposed as succulent planters, dip bowls, paint pots or a new dish for customers to bake their own desserts. After wowing customers in the UK with these unique desserts, the company expanded its reach to the United States last year and is available at retailers such as Kroger and Costco.

Pots & Co has introduced a new dessert for the upcoming season. Pumpkin Cream Pie features a heady mix of seasonal spices in an elegantly balanced creamy dessert with a graham cracker crumb. It’s made with no preservatives and comes in a reusable glass pot.

The company started in 2013 when its founder left the restaurant world and began hand-making pots from exceptional ingredients. It now has a global reach, launching in several European countries as well as the United States, and sells millions of pots around the world.

Pots & Co’s desserts are made with clean ingredients, including sustainable Colombian cocoa sourced by founder Julian Dyer. They are developed by Michelin star chefs and handcrafted in London. Baking the desserts in pots ensures they are baked evenly and gives the final product a depth of flavor and texture unique to any other dessert within the store-bought dessert category.