After releasing more than 200 sweet cookies over the last five years, Crumbl Cookies is introducing its first savory cookie to the lineup with the release of the Almost Everything Bagel cookie. The fresh take on a savory treat is a mellow cookie rolled in a special seed mix and topped with a swirl of softened cream cheese.

“Savory flavors are a major trend in the dessert industry right now—we dipped our toes into this trend with the cornbread cookie and our customers loved it,” says Sawyer Hemsley, chief operating officer and co-founder. “The Almost Everything Bagel cookie is our first fully-savory cookie and we can’t wait to see what customers have to say about it.”

“Inspired by everything bagels with cream cheese, this cookie has been through multiple iterations, and has been market tested 7 times! We wanted to be sure we took into consideration our customer’s feedback. While every test produced mixed reviews, we are very confident with our final version,” says Amy Eldredge, director of testing. "The common thread we saw in testing was, “I wasn't expecting to like this, but it’s really good, and I’m so glad I tried it!””

The Almost Everything Bagel cookie is part of the breakfast-themed lineup running September 5-10 that includes Milk Glaze ft. Fruity PEBBLES, Iced Oatmeal and French Toast—Crumbl’s first-ever square cookie—along with the classic Pink Sugar and Milk Chocolate Chip cookies.