Saint Honoré, a refined doughnut brand serving classic and couture doughnuts and beignets with gluten free and vegan options, is opening its second location in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 27 to treat both locals and visitors.

The doughnuts, which have gained fame on TikTok, are available in several varieties including classic flavors like Churro, Rue, Salted Caramel, Maple, Boston Crème, and filled with Nutella or fruit; elevated couture options like Crème Brûlée (house made vanilla bean cream filling topped with caramelized sugar and garnished with a raspberry and 24k gold flake), Queenie (filled with funfetti pastry cream and glazed with vanilla, garnished with dark chocolate accents and crunchy pearls), Doughpoleon (house made puff pastry and vanilla bean Bavarian cream layered between brioche doughnut and marbled with vanilla bean and dark chocolate), Raspberry Beret (strawberry iced filled with Bavarian cream, topped with raspberries, mini cream puffs and raspberry Chantilly cream) and more.

Saint Honoré also serves DoughSaints, a croissant and doughnut hybrid. Made from scratch, the airy pockets of dough are hand rolled and decorated and take three full days to make. DoughSaints will only be available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Additionally, the shop’s beignets are available French Quarter-style tossed in powdered sugar, Nutella filled or churro style. Guests can also enjoy lattes, espresso and the popular Saint Honoré Iced Latte made with Intellegentsia Coffee.