The Covid pandemic drove change within the cake decorating universe in the form of increased demand for smaller decorated treats. Consumers still want to celebrate. They simply do so in smaller ways.

“Covid brought demand for smaller things: treats, cookies, cupcakes, cocoa bombs,” says Debbie Coughlin, owner of Icing Images. “We actually did really well – by creating such a huge community of decorating professionals.”

This summer, Coughlin says she is starting to see an uptick in demand for higher volume orders.

At the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association convention in Atlanta, Icing Images featured decorating demonstrations using its 18-inch sheet, affectionally known as Big Blue.

“Because people went smaller, they need more of what they are decorating,” she says. “That’s why we brought in Big Blue.”

Using more than 22 years of edible printing knowledge, Icing Images is proud to present Big Blue. This machine is for everyone in the sweets world who needs that “extra employee” to handle volume printing jobs with ease. Its huge print bed of 11.8 inches by 19.6 inches will make simple jobs even easier, but also allow you to take on those large orders for commercial accounts.

Offering 4-color printing (including black) and a continuous ink dispenser, there are no costly cartridges to purchase. You only need to replace the color you run out of, rather than an entire cartridge holding multiple colors.

Versatility is a plus. Big Blue can allow for up to a 5-millimeter variation between cookie or cake heights and still have a clean, sharp image.

Speed is another asset. Big Blue can print 1 cookie in 20 seconds, or do the entire print bed in roughly 7 minutes (depending on desired print quality).

Two decades ago, Icing Images was one of the first companies to start selling affordable desktop edible printer systems. This made it possible for bakeries and decorators to afford this technology, and the prints were much better quality. Nowadays, while most edible printing systems these days sell for up to $800, Icing Images specializes in offering affordable edible printer systems.

In addition, Icing Images offers electric fondant sheeters.

The Pastaline Electric Fondant Sheeter is extremely versatile – perfect for rolling fondant, cookie dough, pizza dough, croissants, marzipan, puff pastry, modeling chocolate, short crust, and more to thin, even sheets. The machine rolls fondant from 0.5 millimeters to 10 millimeters.

The NSF-certified machine fits on your countertop and is fully automated, compact, and easy to clean.