Vantage Food announces its newest small-industry solution, the Mallet SPS-200. This is the first in a series of small equipment innovations designed to meet industry demands.

This extremely versatile equipment offers a unique point and spray design, making it easy to use and simple to maintain. The stainless-steel construction makes it robust and easy to sanitize.

Key features include a custom nozzle and fluid vessel options.

The machine only requires access to plant electricity and air.

Small changes allow it to easily spray Vantage Food’s product portfolio: water-based, oil-based, greases, and more.

Access is simple to hard-to-reach areas, and it features low cost of entry with high-volume capabilities.

Vantage is a leading global supplier of naturally derived specialty ingredients and formulations that cater to the evolving needs of industrial and consumer markets. Through the company’s chemistries, customer focus and our vertically integrated farming, manufacturing, and formulation facilities around the world, Vantage is Enabling Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

Enrobing and depositing

Designed to seamlessly deposit chocolate, caramel or icing, Unifiller’s Enrobing Machine, covers cakes, cookies, danishes and much more, the perfect cake icing machine for any bakery.

The Unifiller Cake Enrober – String Icer enrobes or string ices cakes, cookies and other pastries with chocolate, fondants, caramel and other warm liquid-type coatings as they move down the stainless steel, wire belt conveyor.

Machine features and benefits:

  • Finishes pastries, cakes and cookies
  • Heated holding tank
  • Variable speed conveyor
  • Adjustable pump
  • Fully adjustable air curtain with blower and radiant heater
  • Oscillator produces strings of chocolate or fondant icing

The Uni-Sprayer

Unifiller Systems previously announced the launch of the Uni-Sprayer. Designed to function mostly as a compact standalone machine, the Uni-Sprayer is intended for bakeries looking for a streamlined spraying solution.

The Uni-Sprayer can handle a variety of applications, with the most basic being spraying oil onto pans for easy pan release. The machine is ideal for spraying simple syrup or milk onto cake layers, egg wash onto bread and pastries, and flocking condiments like ketchup, mustard, or mayo onto bread, wraps and more.

Other features include:

  • Food grade light and flexible braided hose
  • Interchangeable tips for different products and patterns
  • Handles particulates up to 1mm with optional flocker nozzle
  • 5 US Gallon (19 L) pressurized tank
  • Mobile frame with enclosed pneumatics
  • Air filtration system
  • Use with or without atomizing air

From transferring batter to a hopper, to depositing batter into cake pans, from icing a cake to applying borders and designs, Unifiller’s transfer pumps, depositors, cake decorating equipment and icing machines makes round cake production a cinch.