Brooklyn, New York-based Fan-Fan Doughnuts and New York Distilling Company have teamed up to create a limited-edition doughnut celebrating renowned Jazz Age poet, writer, critic, satirist and martini lover Dorothy Parker for her 129th birthday. The second release of Fan-Fan Doughnut’s boozy doughnut series, the Blueberry Martini is crafted using both Dorothy Parker American Gin and Dorothy Parker Rose-Petal Infused Gin. It’s available now through the end of August for $5 each.

The core is a berry martini doughnut primarily made with blueberry, a bit of lemon and a mix of Dorothy Parker American Gin – a blend of traditional and contemporary botanicals including juniper, elderberries, citrus, cinnamon, and hibiscus – and Dorothy Parker Rose-Petal Infused Gin – a seasonal variation with a pink hue achieved through an infusion of red and pink rose petals and crushed elderberries. It’s then topped with gin-marinated blueberries.

“I’ve been good friends with Allen Katz and the NYDC team for a long time now, so it was exciting to work with them on this,” says Fan-Fan owner Fany Gerson. “With Dorothy Parker’s birthday on August 22nd, I knew I had to use both of those gins and make some type of martini. The unique flavor profiles worked really well with berries, so I thought this was a fun take on a classic that I hope everyone will enjoy!”

“It’s exciting to be able to celebrate Dorothy Parker in such a fun and delicious way,” says New York Distilling co-founder Allen Katz. “She’s long been an inspiration of ours at the distillery, namely for her pioneering spirit and love of the drink. To be able to work with someone like Fany to create something to toast her legacy with was incredible. Her work is nothing short of artistry in the way she’s able to combine these flavors into something so delightful.”

Opened in 2020, Fan-Fan Doughnuts is an artisanal doughnut shop helmed by pastry chef and cookbook author Fany Gerson. She also founded La Newyorkina ice cream in 2010 and co-founded Dough Doughnuts that same year.