Taste Tomorrow is Puratos’ ecosystem for consumer understanding in the chocolate, patisserie and bakery sectors. Always-on tracking of local and global consumer behaviors, attitudes and choices provides the company with valuable, in-depth insights, which it uses to track the evolution of trends and reveal new ones.

Recent Taste Tomorrow research finds several chocolate trends rising to the top of the industry for the coming year, specifically transparency, plant-based and functionality.


“The world of chocolate is under scrutiny now as more and more consumers recognize that not all plantations work in a sustainable manner and respect workers’ rights. Sustainable and transparent brands have seen substantial growth over the past years in different parts of the world, which helped increase awareness about the origins of cocoa. Consumers appreciate sustainable brands and Fair Trade initiatives.”

Organically-grown chocolate, as well as the use of honey, syrups and coconut sugar, are making chocolate more attractive to health-conscious consumers.

Plant-based dairy-free chocolate

“As concerns about the environment, health and animal welfare persist, and with a greater number of plant-based options available, many consumers enjoy indulging in vegan and plant-based foods. So it’s no surprise that plant-based will also become a huge trend in the world of chocolate next year. Chocolatiers and confectionery manufacturers have been developing great alternatives to traditional milk chocolate that can be enjoyed by consumers who are following a plant-based diet, but will also seduce traditional milk chocolate lovers.”

Premium chocolate-based recipes made with natural ingredients and tasty plant-based replacements for dairy chocolates will be able to reach (much) larger audiences in 2023.

Functional chocolate

“Chocolate has been associated with higher levels of endorphins and physical health benefits. Our Taste Tomorrow research shows that consumers actively point out the health benefits of certain foods, both for mental or physical health.”

Chocolate is associated by many consumers with comfort and pleasure as well as with lowering anxiety during the pandemic. In 2023, chocolate will be used as a moment of indulgence that is good for the body as well as the mind.