TOUS les JOURS has unveiled a new Cloud cake flavor plus two individual Cloud cake pieces as part of its summer collection.

The summer Cloud cake lineup includes the new Orange Cream Cake, which is made of sweet orange sponge cake and citrus-flavored Cloud cream. The new Cloud cake flavor will be available as a 7-inch whole cake and piece cake. Launching alongside the Orange Cream Cake, the bestselling Peach Cream Cake will now be available as a piece cake. The Peach Cream Cake includes a mix of peaches and cream on white sponge cake.

TOUS les JOURS’ signature Cloud cakes are made of fluffy and delicate sponge cake, and layered and topped with fresh fruit and Cloud cream, a lightly sweetened freshly made whipped cream. The classic Cloud Cake also features seasonal fresh berries, but TOUS les JOURS offers a variety of flavors, including green tea, strawberry, chocolate, mango and many more.

“When we think of the perfect summer treat, an orange creamsicle often comes to mind for combining two distinct flavors that blend perfectly together – and what better way to enjoy those flavors than in cake form?” says Joon Kwon, marketing manager for TOUS les JOURS. “After the success of our Peach Cream Cake, we wanted to give our fruit lovers another treat to enjoy this summer, so the Orange Cream Cake was created. We are proud to be expanding our extremely successful Cloud cake line with more seasonal flavors.”

The new collection is now available at TOUS les JOURS’ more than 70 US locations and will join the bakery-café chain’s extensive menu of baked goods and Cloud cakes as permanent menu items.