The Republic of Tea, leading purveyor of premium teas, today announces the launch of a new Be Active Teas collection, five Rainforest Alliance Certified, organic green Rooibos-based teas: Get Restored, Get Hydrated, Get Limber, Get Burning, and Get Active. Each tea in the Be Active Teas collection is blended with organic green Rooibos which retains more of its antioxidant value due to a flash fermentation process. It is the perfect base to this active line of teas for people with active lifestyles. Each blend is designed with specific results in mind from energy and flexibility, to metabolism, hydration, and a speedy recovery from a vigorous workout.

The Republic of Tea is the exclusive U.S. supplier of Rainforest Alliance Certified green rooibos teas for the next year, and it is from Zeekoevlei Gardens in South Africa. Available now, each tea in the Be Active Teas collection is all-natural, naturally caffeine-free and Certified Gluten-Free.

Get Restored - Herb Tea for Recovery – Rainforest Alliance Certified, organic green rooibos, ramon nuts, chicory root, milk thistle seeds, carob and California grape seeds contribute antioxidants and help your body recover after a vigorous workout. This tea helps recovery by rebalancing acidity, aiding to increase oxygenation. Taste: A toasted, creamy brew with notes of caramel and coconut sweetened by dates

Get Hydrated – Herb Tea for Refreshment - Refreshing hibiscus flowers, a favorite drink in hot climates around the world, is combined with Rainforest Alliance Certified, organic green rooibos, sweet dates, New Zealand black currant extract and rosehips to create this refreshingly cool tea, full of antioxidants and electrolytes to create a naturally rehydrating drink. This tea helps boost levels of rehydration and refreshment. Taste: Citrus notes of fruity hibiscus, black limon (dried lime) and black currant

Get Limber – Herb Tea for Flexibility – Organic green, Rainforest Alliance Certified rooibos is blended with ginger root, turmeric, cat's claw and yucca extract help to reduce post-exercise inflammation, pampering muscles, ligaments and joints. This tea helps to reduce joint swelling and inflammation, and it enables mobility. Taste: Bright and fruity with a hint of spice, a taste of the tropics with lemongrass, orange peel and pineapple flavors

Get Burning – Herb Tea for Metabolism – Organic green rooibos sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms is blended with holy basil, Cordyceps, chili-pepper, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper to help rev up your internal engine and help to stimulate the body's metabolic rate to burn energy. This tea helps metabolism and helps enhance caloric burn rate and fat oxidation and strengthens stamina and endurance. Taste: Tangy sweetness of Sea Buckthorn pairs nicely with the spiciness of zingy chill-pepper, cinnamon and ginger

Get Active – Herb Tea for Endurance – Organic green rooibos sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms is blended with holy basil, licorice, maca root and acerola berries to help increase energy and stamina while keeping all of our systems in balance during and after exercise. This tea helps to increase energy, stamina and endurance, promotes resistance to stress. Taste: Smooth and aromatic, vanilla flavor notes are accented with tangy citrus and natural orange flavor

Each tea in the Be Active Teas collection is available in a recyclable tin containing 36 all-natural, unbleached, round tea bags free of unnecessary strings, tags and staples. It has a suggested retail price of $12.