Funny Face Bakery in New York City specializes in hand-painted cookies featuring celebrity faces. In 2016, Cupcake Market first made headlines with its unique premise. In 2019, the bakery relaunched as Funny Face Bakery to more accurately describe its specialty. The bakery still sells cakes and other types of cookies, but it is now much more focused on the popular face cookies.

The bakery recently announced that it has opened a new location in the city’s trendy NoHo neighborhood on Lafayette Street. This will be its third retail location, the second being in the Seaport on Fulton Street which opened June 2021.

“Our newest bakery redefines the meaning of a sweet escape for our customers,” says Sarah Silverman, founder of Funny Face Bakery. “Growing up, I was obsessed with Polly Pockets and their pastel-colored magic that opened a world of creativity for me. I wanted that same charm and imagination to come to life in our new purple haven. The space serves as a happy distraction - it touches on nostalgia, humor and is guaranteed to leave you smiling!”

Funny Face Bakery separates itself from more traditional bakeries by touching on trends from the past to the present, making it a true pop culture bakery. Outside of pre-piped cookies, the bakery will turn anyone’s face (or favorite place, person and inside joke) into an edible work of art.