The demand for hot cookie dough desserts is booming, and sweet ingredients supplier Bling Ingredients has launched a new option to satisfy vegan diets.

Bling Ingredients’ frozen cookie dough chunks can be simply scooped and baked straight from the freezer in a matter of minutes, and if an even faster process is needed, they can be cooked within seconds in the microwave.

Bling supplies 18kg catering packs of cookie dough from its online shop in a range of flavor options and each pack produces around 180 desserts. The new vegan diet friendly cookie dough chunks have been created in response to customer demand and provide uncompromised taste and performance compared to the Bling ‘standard’ range.

The small chunks of dough can be added to bakes such as brownies and muffins, and because they are safe and delicious to eat raw they are an ideal addition to milkshakes, waffles, cheesecakes and sundaes.