Looking to explore the world of chocolate while increasing profits? Explore how you can easily make smash treats for any occasion while using tempering solutions, according to Erika Record Baking Equipment.

Check out this video to discover how to use the Pomati T5 & Pomati T20 tempering machine with built-in vibrating table and scraper to make this exciting and delicious Easter smash treat.

Erika Record baking equipment is the exclusive U.S. distributor of @PomatiGroup chocolate equipment. This includes tempering, enrobing, and molding equipment.

Pomati is an industry leading manufacturer of chocolate production equipment and is used by discerning chocolatiers across the globe. Pomati offers a wide range of chocolate tempering units and equipment for both retail and large-scale production environments.

The Cube is designed in Pomati style, for inclusion in bakeries, cafes, ice cream and chocolate with the aim of attracting and hitting customers through the big impact given by the continuous fountain of chocolate. Doses of chocolate in cups and cones, ice cream variegation and “chocolate Marocchini” are just some of the possible applications.

With a tank having a 24kg. capacity, the Tempering 20 is the perfect choice for those who want quality, speed and simplicity. The foot-pedal operated dispenser, which is featured on other Pomati tempering machines, allow operators maximum control and efficiency.

Easy to operate, the T5 Tempering Machine is of fundamental help in pastry shops, ice cream parlors, hotels, and restaurants. Built to melt and temper any type of chocolate; direct auger tempering allows chocolate fluidity and a perfect crystal blend, thus an end product of exceptional quality.

Spiral mixers

Available Erika Record, LP Group focuses on engineering and manufacturing the highest quality spiral mixing equipment for bakeries around the globe. Their VIS-R line is a reinforced powerhouse designed to process dough with low hydration levels. 

The LP Group VIS-R spiral mixer includes the following standard features a straight breaking bar for enhanced durability and reliability, dual step transmission for added reliability and strength when processing stiffer doughs, two reinforced motors that power both the bowl and spiral, and a belt drive transmission for added reliability and strength. Suitable for stiff doughs, it capable of processing dough with low hydration levels.

Available options include a transparent bowl cover, a durable see-through cover made of clear acrylic (PMMA); an electronic control panel in place of the standard electromechanical control panel; and an ABS plastic bowl cover, a non-see through, plastic bowl cover made of ABS plastic.