The 2011 ICES Convention and Show will be hosting the first ever ICES Convention Cake Challenge. Three teams were chosen from applicants to compete for prizes and bragging rights when they create an “International” sugar art extravaganza.

Teams will consist of 3 members. In the event that one of the team members is unable to participate in the challenge the remaining team members may appoint a new team member. All team members must be identified to the judges at the start of the challenge and may not change during the challenge. Teams were notified on May 1.

The theme for the challenge will be "International". The base of the cake may not exceed 4'x4' and the cake must be at least 36” tall. The entire design may be Styrofoam, but must be able to be reproduced in cake and edible materials. No cutting of Styrofoam will be allowed during the challenge. Non- edible structure is allowed, but must not exceed 25% of the display, and must be assembled during the challenge. Lighting and mechanical components may be used, but are not required and will be considered at the judges’ discretion.

The largest part of the display must be covered (with buttercream, fondant, etc) during the challenge; other pieces may be covered in advance. The cake may not arrive pre-decorated or with the tiers already stacked. Pre dried identical items may be used, but one for every ten must be made during the challenge.. i.e. cake will be decorated with 9 roses – one must be made on site, 12 roses will be used – 2 must be made on site. All final coloring (dusting, airbrushing, etc.) must be done during the challenge.

ICES will provide  3-8’ tables, power  and a limited amount of buttercream and fondant for the challenge. All other supplies and equipment will be provided by the teams. Buttercream, royal icing, gumpaste, candy clay, fondant and any other medium of choice may be prepared prior to the challenge for use in covering your entry or producing decorative pieces. No reimbursement for supplies or
expenses (including travel) will be provided. Competitors will receive the same gratuity as other ICES demonstrators ($100 each).

The Challenge will be a 5 hour event to be held from 10am-3:00pm on Saturday, August 6th in the Cake Room at the Charlotte Convention Center. Set up for the event will be from 8:00am-10:00am. The winner will be announced at the close of the challenge. Clean up time is 4:15-5:00pm on Saturday, it is your responsibility to leave the work area as you found it. The Challenge cakes will remain on display until 5:00 pm Sunday, August 7, 2011 and must be removed by 7:00 pm that same day. Any displays not removed by that time will be disposed of.

The challenge will be viewed by ICES Conventioneers (who may purchase a demo ticket for challenge) and Public Admission ($20 Cake Room and Challenge). Spectator seating will be limited but ticket holders will have in/out privileges. ICES Conventioneers will be able to see the challenge and still attend other demos and classes as well as shopping at the vendors. ICES reserves the right to publicize the event and all rights of video taping or broadcast of the event. Team members are not required to be registered for the 2011 ICES Convention however admittance to the challenge will not include admittance to the convention.

Entries will be judged on interpretation of the theme, neatness, use of techniques, use of color, cleanliness and teamwork. Judges for the event will be ICES Certified Master Sugar Artists. All decisions of the judges are final. Entries deemed in bad taste will be disqualified and removed.

For more information on the Challenge and the 2011 ICES convention, visit