Low-carb bread options are in high demand, and Schmidt Baking Co., Baltimore, has responded with the launch of its low-carb 647 plain bagels.

The bagel is the newest addition to the 647 line and is aimed at health-conscious consumers looking for a better-for-you alternative to the average bagel, said Jeff Sobotta, vice president, Schmidt Baking.

“The 647 bagel offers lower calories, lower carbs and high fiber while tasting like a regular bagel,” Sobotta said. “The bagel helps us increase our breakfast offerings to consumers looking for a healthier option.” 

Schmidt Baking launched the 647 line in 2015 with sliced bread. The “647” moniker represents three of its healthy attributes — 6 net carbs, 40 calories and 7 grams of fiber. The 6 net carbs are determined by subtracting fiber and sugar alcohols from the total carbohydrates. The line has since been expanded to include English muffins, rolls and sliders. 

The 647 bagel stands apart from conventional bagels by offering 40% fewer calories and 20 grams of fiber, compared to 1 gram of fiber in a regular bagel. This gains the product an excellent source of fiber claim. The bagel contains 160 calories, as well as 3 grams of sugar and 1 gram of total fat. 

Making a healthier bagel wasn’t without its challenges, however, Mr. Sobotta noted.

“Bagels are traditionally high in calories and carbs while being low in fiber,” Mr. Sobotta said. “The challenge was to make it reduced calories and reduced carbs and still toast properly and taste like a traditional bagel.”

In accomplishing this, Mr. Sobotta said the bagel will join the rest of the 647 line in drawing back carb-weary consumers who have left bread behind. 

“Some consumers walked away from the bread category because of the negativity around carb consumption and the amount of sugar in baked goods,” Mr. Sobotta explained. “Consumers on diets or with medical needs such as diabetes stopped or reduced eating bread until they found an option that still had great taste but had the benefits of reduced calories, reduced carbs and more fiber.”

The 647 line hits these marks and has gained plenty of traction as a result, Mr. Sobotta said, especially in the health and wellness community. For example, the line is popular among the Weight Watchers community because 647 bread equates to just one point per slice, while muffins are two points and bagels are four points. 

“People on diets, health fitness people and those with diabetes have really blown up the low-carb, low calories and high-fiber segment,” Mr. Sobotta said. 

Schmidt will consider expanding the bagel line with other flavors later this year based on the plain bagel’s performance. 

647 plain bagels retail for $4.29 per six-count package.