According to a survey, conducted by SWNS Media Group, 2,000 people between the ages of 25-40, 69% said they use baking hacks to save them up to an hour of time during the holidays. Refrigerated dough – crescent rolls, pizza crust, biscuits, pie crust, cookie dough, cinnamon rolls – is already a baking hack, as it allows cooks to make classic recipes quickly and easily. Now, the experts from the Pillsbury Kitchens show readers of Baking Hacks how to take dough basics and create even more recipes that "hack the hack."

Let Pillsbury take some of the weight off your bakery customers’ shoulders with their easy-to-bake baking products and baking hacks. With many families after going through isolation, Pillsbury wants to make sure that time is maximized.     

Here are some of Pillsbury’s favorite baking hacks:

Marathon Baking – Baking everything in one day with family and friends can turn holiday baking into fun and memorable events. Not to mention, all of your ingredients are already ready to go from your last recipe! From cakes and cookies to breads and muffins, you can bake it all in one day.

Preparation – From spraying your pans to pre-measuring your ingredients before starting, this baking hack is a great way to save time! Pillsbury pro tip: if you need to soften butter, put boiling water in a glass cup for a few minutes then empty it and place it over a cold stick of butter. Should soften in no time.