BreadEx, a first-of-its-kind bread delivery service that offers monthly subscriptions of international and traditional breads, has officially launched in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with the mission of celebrating diverse cultures of the world through unique artisan breads. Through the service, customers can easily and seamlessly explore different cultures through food, from Italian ciabatta to Japanese pandan milk bread to German pretzel rolls.

“There is nobody offering a service that combines culture, breads and the convenience of home delivery. Bread is a basic food in all cultures and a staple in almost every home – we are passionate about bringing the tremendous diversity of artisan breads right to our customers’ breakfast table,” says BreadEx founder and chief executive officer Uma Iyer.

BreadEx World – the company’s flagship offering – is a subscription service where customers can try breads from different countries and regions of the world, with each month bringing a new culinary experience. Breads are hand-delivered weekly to customers’ homes along with an e-newsletter about the origin of the bread, recipes and serving ideas.

Additionally, customers can subscribe to BreadEx Essentials delivery service, which provides fresh and varied artisan sandwich loaves every week.

“We are passionate about bread and getting it in the hands of customers while it is still truly fresh from the oven. All of our breads are baked with care the night before delivery,” says Neil Tigner, head baker at BreadEx. “I’ve personally enjoyed the creative process of exploring and tweaking hundreds of recipes from around the world before shortlisting the ones we are going to offer to our customers.”