While the slight majority of viewers (51%) plan to watch the Super Bowl on broadcast or cable TV, digital will account for 49% of the total Super Bowl audience due largely to TV streaming. If this multi-year trend continues digital viewership will surpass cable viewership next year, according to the annual Consumer Streaming Trends and Super Bowl Viewership from Adtaxi.

Similar to 2021, the majority of Americans will be skipping larger social gatherings. 43% of Americans plan to watch the Super Bowl either alone or with family at home, while 11% plan to throw a watch party, and an additional 11% plan to attend one. The survey also found that only 3% of consumers plan to watch the game from a bar or restaurant. In total, only 25% of Americans plan to watch the Super Bowl outside of their homes.

Ahead of Super Bowl LVI, the survey found that more Americans plan to purchase soft drinks (36%) more than alcoholic beverages (26%). Take-out still remains a priority for consumers with 18% planning to purchase food from restaurants. However, the majority of respondents will be prioritizing snack foods (44%).

In addition, 46% of Americans will interact with various forms of digital media while watching the game. 31% state they will be using social media, 15% will be on a sporting website, and 8% will be using online forums. 

“With all eyes on Super Bowl LVI, these survey results offer insight into how marketers should maximize their reach. With nearly half of Americans (46%) utilizing digital media while watching the big game, it will be important for marketers to prioritize multiple platforms,” added Loretto. “The key to resonating on these social and streaming platforms will be a voice and strategy that is highly adaptable to changing circumstances and evolving preferences.”

While 40% of Americans still pay for cable services, it is clear that there’s a shift in viewing habits and streaming services are beginning to dominate the industry. According to the survey, two thirds (64%) of consumers choose streaming as their preferred method of content consumption. Additionally, one third (33%) of Americans plan to cancel their cable subscription in 2022.