Supply-chain shortages are becoming all too real for U.S. food and beverage manufacturers who use barley. The 2021 crop in North America is predicted to be down 31%, a major issue for those who rely on malt and malt extracts. Muntons, a UK-based maker and global distributor of 100% sustainable malt and malted ingredients, is ready to answer those concerns as it prepares to process a strong predicted harvest.

“The combination of strong consumer demand coupled with a predicted small harvest and record lows in carry-over supplies was already problematic for North American manufacturers,” says Phil Bamford, executive vice president at Muntons USA. “That’s complicated even further by a strong global demand for feed-quality barley and the well-documented supply chain issues that are affecting delivery windows and creating manufacturing delays as well. The good news is that while the barley crop is down by a third across the United States, Canada and Brazil, in the UK it looks like a banner year. Muntons is ready to capitalize on that harvest so we can quickly get our versatile, high-quality products into the hands of food and beverage manufacturers in the United States and around the world.”

A century of successful operations means that family-owned Muntons has seen many economic upheavals. The company has always responded with strong planning and a long-term approach to ensure that its customers can rely on its top-quality products, including malt flakes, malt flour, dried malt extracts and liquid malt extracts. “As more manufacturers turn to malt as a replacement for molasses and corn syrup to meet consumer demands for healthier, lower-sugar options, they will be pleased to have a reliable source of this key ingredient,” says Bamford.

That’s good news for producers who are looking to boost their market share for clean-label products with natural ingredients that offer a transparent sourcing history. They will find an experienced and knowledgeable partner in Muntons, which global leading supplier of malt products for brewing and distilling as well as inclusion in food. The Muntons team has more than 300 years’ combined experience in malt usage, Bamford points out, making them a valuable go-to resource alongside the products themselves.

As the largest global provider of malt, Muntons is eager to continue introducing its products, service, and support to North American manufacturers. Muntons malt products ship worldwide and, in the United States, arrive on both coasts. They are then moved to warehouses or directly to the customer’s facility, which means reliability and accuracy around arrival times.