AMF Bakery Systems has announced the acquisition of Workhorse Automation, Inc., Kirkwood, Pa.

“By joining forces, Workhorse brings technologies and products that fill existing gaps in AMF’s product line, including automated pan storage and retrieval systems as well as warehouse and freezer management systems,” says Jason Ward, president, AMF Bakery Systems. “This is a very exciting opportunity for both companies, and we are excited to welcome the Workhorse teammates to the AMF family.”

Colin McShane, founder and president, of Workhorse Automation, says he looks forward to future innovation as a part of the AMF team.

“AMF is the perfect fit to grow and expand the Workhorse business for the future and the most important reasons are our shared values and absolute commitment to customer success,” says Colin McShane, founder and president, Workhorse Automation. 

Moving forward, AMF’s portfolio of pan and lid management systems and post-packaging automation solutions, which includes product loading, basket stacking and unstacking, and basket washing, will go to market as AMF Workhorse. The brand joins the growing number of family brands in AMF’s portfolio, including AMF Tromp, AMF Flex, AMF BakeTech, AMF Den Boer and AMF Vesta.

The AMF Workhorse team will manufacture integrated bakery automation solutions from multiple locations including the Kirkwood, Pa.; Richmond, Va.; and Sherbrooke, Canada, locations, all under the AMF Workhorse brand.

“The increased production capacity and combined engineering and service teams will allow us to drive product improvement, increase research and development opportunities and strengthen our commitment to best-in-class customer care for our customers around the world,” notes David Burke, vice president of operations for US and Latin America, AMF Bakery Systems.