2021 saw a major increase in weddings in America as vaccines rolled out and mandates were reduced. That led to many trends developing for wedding receptions, many of which will roll over into the new year.

In 2022, part of the entertainment of wedding receptions will be a strong emphasis on the food offered. According to WeddingWire, couples and their caterers will take cuisine to the next level by adding a sense of whimsy to every course. They will infuse their menus with both cultural and sentimental dishes (for example, a version of the food from the restaurant where they had their first date or a favorite childhood dish).

“We’re seeing an emergence of thoughtful and unique personal touches added to the overall design to truly celebrate their love story,” says event planner Ashley Tangerini of Mavinhouse Events in New England.

Another way couples will add to the fun of their wedding day is food trucks. This can occur during the cocktail happy hour, main meal, dessert or late-night at the end of the reception.

“You simply can’t go wrong with a food truck,” says Natasha Celestin of Just4U Wedding Coordination and More in Fort Worth, Texas. “It’s definitely a head-turner and guest favorite for sure.”

Individual portions were popular with weddings in 2021, and that will continue in 2022. Individual mini cakes will continue to be popular. Not only are they safe for guests, but they allow couples to choose a variety of flavors instead of settling on one.

As far as cake decorating, expect to see bold, bright cakes with rich hues, alternate textures and metallic colors.