Two decades ago, Icing Images was one of the first companies to start selling affordable desktop edible printer systems. This made it possible for bakeries and decorators to afford this technology, and the prints were much better quality. Nowadays, while most edible printing systems these days sell for up to $800, Icing Images specializes in offering an affordable edible printer system.

“I just got my new printer, I love it, and it was easy to set up,” says Rhonda Wakeland Triplet, Mrs. T's Bakery in Bremen, Indiana. “The apps that come with it are very easy to use. I'm hooked.”

But Icing Images does not stop at printers. Normally used by craft hobbyist, electronic cutters can also be used by cake artists. Electronic cutting introduced speed, repetition, and accuracy to the decorator's projects. When time is tight, and you have to cut out 60 perfect fondant stars with no cookie cutter, electronic cutting is the answer.

For example, the Cricut Explore Air Plus 2 is ideal for cutting icing sheets, wafer paper, fabric sheets and fondant. It features easy-to-wash steel cutting blades in combination with a foodsafe cutting mat designed specifically for the Cricut.

Icing Images' goal is to help cake decorators save money, earn more money, and be more efficient. We do this by providing our customers with reliable tools and supplies to further expand their creativity as sugar artists.

Icing innovations

Flavor Right features Custom Ice™ whipped buttercream-style icing, a ready-to-whip icing that is much easier to work with than traditional buttercream. You’ll save time, especially on clean-up. And you’ll find Custom Ice™ customizes nicely with flavors, sweeteners, and colors.

This product is easier clean-up than traditional butter icing, according to Flavor Right, and may be frozen after application. It resists shrinking and cracking and maintains color without fading. The product blends well with flavors and sweeteners.

With the new Satin Ice Buttercream Icing Mix, it is quick and easy to make great tasting buttercream at home. By just adding softened butter and water to the mix, you can whip up a beautiful batch in just two minutes. It’s foolproof and the results are very reliable. 

The mix creates a bright white buttercream which is perfect for producing vibrant colors.  It also takes on flavors very well. Find recipes for delicious ways to flavor the buttercream here. In addition, it is heat resistant, affordable, and adaptable for multiple uses such as filling and coating a cake, piping flowers, string work and more.  

Keep your icings flowing

Do your cakes, cinnamon buns or other sweet goods require a consistent warm flowable deposit or drizzle of icing or glaze?

Heated pumps are the answer to keeping your icings and glazes consistently flowing, according to Apex Motion Control.

Apex Motion Control, specialists in robotics and automation for the baking and food industry, has developed a heated pump that can be integrated into automation solutions such as their Deco-Bot, their all-in-one robotic decorating station. Apex’s heated pump utilizes a Waukesha lobe pump to output its product from the pump skid. It also has an inlet for product recirculation, which allows it to efficiently maintain product temperature while also minimizing surges and splashes.

Full washdown stainless steel design

Photo eye product level sensor, to indicate when it needs to be refilled