Sales of fresh hass avocados remain above pre-pandemic levels, but year-over-year sales and volume have softened compared to the fresh produce sales boom at the start of COVID.

Those are among the findings of a new sales report from the Hass Avocado Board, which also took a close look at holiday sales of avocados. 

Key holiday-related highlights from the report include:

  • Father’s Day. Avocado sales volume during Father’s Day reached 44.1 million units, which was up 27% vs. 2 years ago. Nationally, Father’s Day sales declined 5% vs. prior year but showed strong growth of 5% compared to 2019
  • Fourth of July. Per-store dollar sales during Fourth of July were strongest in the West and California, while South Central, Southeast, the West and California sold above the national average of units per store. Avocado volume for Fourth of July week fell 9% below last year’s sales but soared 29% compared to two years prior in 2019. Overall, dollar sales decreased 8% nationally.
  • Labor Day. Labor Day avocado volume skyrocketed by 6.4 million units compared to 2019. On average, avocado retailers saw 1,108 units and $1,261 per store during the Labor Day holiday week. Unit sales increased 18% vs. two years prior.