This holiday season, the Flavor Maker App by McCormick is hosting a competition in which users can submit their family favorite holiday recipes for a chance to win $50,000. Until December 31, home cooks across the United States can enter the contest by downloading the Flavor Maker App and uploading the name and description of their favorite holiday dish.

“The holidays bring people together around food – those recipes that get requested again and again,” says Alia Kemet, vice president of creative & digital marketing for McCormick. “So, there's no better time to honor home cooks and provide inspiration during the holidays than this season. Hosted entirely on our Flavor Maker App, we can’t wait to see what beloved dishes are shared.”

The Flavor Maker App is a platform for discovering new dishes, exploring step-by-step recipe instructions and unleashing cooking creativity. Users can scan and digitize pantry items in the app to instantly access thousands of curated, easy-to-follow recipes based on available ingredients. The app also features meal planning tools, ready-made shopping lists, how-to videos and endless tips and hacks for cooking and baking.

The Flavor Maker App by McCormick is free to download on any iOS and Android device. To download, go to your iOS or Android app store and search "Flavor Maker App," or visit McCormick's website for detailed instructions..