• Dawn Exceptional® R&H® RichCreme® Vanilla Cake Base (00435926)
  • Plugrá® European Style Unsalted Butter (01046334)
  • Bakery Essentials™ Pure Vanilla Extract (03038215)
  • Bakery Essentials™ Whole Eggs*
  • Whole Milk*
  • Dawn Exceptional® Fon Dip White Flat icing (00018952) Or Dawn Exceptional® Enhanced Stability White Flat Icing (00672560)
  • Marshmallows
  • Dawn Exceptional® Orange Buttercreme Style Icing (02441004)
  • Dawn Exceptional® Royal Blue Buttercreme Style Icing (02439934)
  • Dawn Exceptional® Emerald Green Buttercreme Style Icing (02441054)
  • Dawn Exceptional® Red Buttercreme Style Icing (02439984)
  • Dawn Exceptional® Black Buttercreme Style Icing (02441103)


In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, mix together 4 pounds Dawn Crème Cake Mix, 1 pound softened unsalted butter, 0.8oz vanilla extract, 1.8oz whole eggs, and 1.8oz whole milk.  Mix until well combined and mixture looks like cookie dough.  Pat into a flat circle, wrap with plastic wrap, and place in cooler until completely chilled.

Roll to ¼ inch thick and punch into circles.  Bake at 350  ͦF until completely set and just starting to color around the edges.  Let cool completely.  Warm up flat icing and pipe into cookies in a puddle design.  Place a marshmallow on one side before icing has set, then let set completely.  Using a very small straight tip, pipe an orange carrot nose in the center of each marshmallow.  Place green, blue, and red buttercremes in piping bags fitted with basket-weave tips.  Using one color at a time, pipe a scarf around the marshmallow.  Place black buttercreme in a piping bag fitted with a very small straight tip and pipe on the rest of the snow people details.


Formulation courtesy of Dawn Foods