Rouxbe, a leading online culinary school, follows the trends in the culinary world quite closely. 2021 has had its share of ups and downs within the industry as hospitality organizations continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic. While difficult to predict exactly what 2022 will bring, Rouxbe believes the following five concepts will be prevalent in the coming year:

  1. Veganism Will Continue to Grow in Popularity – Each year the number of individuals adopting an exclusively vegan diet grows significantly, along with those who eat vegan regularly. This lifestyle choice will continue to be popular in the coming year, as veganism becomes more inclusive and less judged as a dietary choice. For the restaurant industry, this means a higher importance on menu items that reflect this consumer shift.
  2. Micro-Credentialing Will be Embraced – Long, expensive degrees are just the right thing for some, but for most, micro-credentialing is much more attainable. Micro-credentials provide students the opportunity to become an expert in a particular area, without being cost-prohibitive or requiring a long-term commitment.
  3. New Alternative Meat Innovations – Meat alternatives and the lab grown meat industry will continue to innovate as veganism takes off (see #1).  Chicken, beef, and fish are all on the table as various established and new companies do their best to create a vegan food source that appeals to even the most die-hard carnivore.
  4. Continued Focus on Take Out – While dining in is back for many establishments, consumers got used to ordering food take out from their favorite restaurants that they may not have considered doing pre-pandemic. Restaurants will continue to offer to-go menus and efficiencies as the appetite for to-go meals remains seemingly insatiable. 
  5. Better Jobs – While the labor shortage remains, and the total number of restaurants decreases, the value of restaurant workers is on the rise. This will lead to more equity in the kitchen, better pay and greater opportunity for advancement as employers do what they can to keep the staff they have.

Rouxbe continues to help the culinary world train new staff that are desperately needed during these challenging times. Learn more about the courses offered at its website.