Cookie delivery bakery Tiff’s Treats has announced that it is offering cookie fans a new monthly subscription club with the option of 3, 6 or 12 months of warm cookie deliveries.

Tiff’s Treats’ Blue Ribbon Club members will receive a box of one or two dozen cookies each month featuring a surprise flavor-of-the-month in half of the box and the famous “Tiff’s Mix” assortment, or another flavor of the recipient’s choosing, in the other half. At the beginning of each month, Tiff’s Treats will contact Blue Ribbon Club members to schedule their preferred delivery date and time.

“We’re kicking off our first ever warm cookie delivery subscription in time for the holidays because we think it’s such a fun ongoing gift to give,” says Tiffany Chen, Tiff’s Treats co-founder. “Recipients can schedule their own delivery and receive our surprise, limited edition flavor-of-the-month cookies along with our Tiff’s Mix and experience the gift of warm cookie joy each month during their membership.”

To become a Blue Ribbon Club member or gift a subscription to a cookie lover, go to Tiff’s Treats’ website. Simply specify quantity of cookies and number of months preferred, and the subscription will begin the following month.