The Kitchn is looking to take visitors on a journey through the past 100 years of holiday cookie baking with its latest venture, The Cookie Time Machine. The daily online food publication has teamed up with baking connoisseur and author of The Vintage Baker, Jessie Sheehan, to give visitors a ride through the history of the most beloved cookies of all time, then zip back to the present for a modern, updated spin on each of them.

In this portal, each decade is highlighted with a different tab that visitors can peruse. Whether it’s a classic favorite like a Pinwheel Cookie, or a fun new treat like the Jumbo Chewy Honey Spice Cookie, these recipes are sure to help in entertaining or gifting this holiday season. With a showcase of 21 unique recipes, baking enthusiasts can bake their way from the 1920s to today (and read about the history behind these treats along the way).

Each decade takes a look at “Then” and “Now” versions of a cookie. For instance, in 1920, the cookie would be an Orange Drop Cookie, while the updated modern version would be a Blood Orange Crinkle.

The “Cookie of the Future,” as it’s been dubbed, is the Berry Blast Marbled Sugar Cookie. This cookie is swirling with bright colors created with freeze-dried berries and is reminiscent of a flavor almost identical to the cereal many enjoyed as children. In this recipe, the berries are ground up and mixed into the cookie dough to create three different hues, each with a different berry flavor. The three doughs get swirled together to create a striking pattern that bakes into a bold, mixed berry flavor.

Learn about these recipes and many more at The Kitchn’s Cookie Time Machine.