Leading online culinary school Rouxbe has announced the launch of a newly refreshed Plant-Based Pro course, a six-month intensive program focused on teaching home cooks and professionals the fundamentals of plant-based cooking.

The course is available for sale starting today, with the inaugural course starting on December 31. Students can complete Plant-Based Pro online with instructor support and grading on their own time, and from anywhere. 

“Plant-based foods have a place in everyone's diet, whether people adhere to it as a lifestyle or just one night a week,” says Dan Marek, director of culinary & development at Rouxbe. “The updated Plant-Based Pro course includes core lessons derived from our deep foundation and expertise in putting plants front and center, along with the latest innovations in plant-based cooking and the necessary techniques that make cooking easier. It’s an incredible, all-encompassing course that students can utilize if they are looking to secure a culinary job, advance in one they already have, or simply want to become more well-informed as they cook for themselves at home.”

New content for the course includes:

  • Basics of Smartphone Photography – Learn everything from setting your scene, lighting and lens basics
  • Fermentation – Tips and tricks for working with cabbages, pickles, dips and drinks
  • Cooking with meat substitutes - Including seitan, jackfruit, mushrooms, falafel and more
  • Grilling - From smoking to grilling vegetables, fruit and plant-based proteins
  • Bread Making - Covering fermentation, proofing, and shaping
  • World flavors - Lessons on foods from India, China, Africa, Mexico and the Middle East
  • Desserts - An added section of fun, easy to make fruit-forward dishes

The course also offers a true foundation for plant-based cooking. Lessons covered vary from plant-based nutrition and knife skills to culinary wellness, plant-based staples and meal planning.

The cost of the course is $1,799.99 but Rouxbe is offering a special introductory price of $1,549.99 through 2021. The course provides 6 college credits through ACE and is industry recognized as a quality training program by the American Culinary Federation (ACFEF), WorldChefs and Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP).