Chicago-based marshmallow café XO Marshmallow is putting its latest spin on nostalgia in the form of a cake truffle.

The “Fluffle” is a cake truffle with the buttercream frosting swapped out for a marshmallow layer, dipped in chocolate. For the holidays, XO Marshmallow is offering a Peppermint Fluffle featuring a minty white cake with candy cane swirl, pink marshmallow frosting, dipped in white chocolate.

Another special gift for the holiday season is the 2021 Marshmallow Advent Calendar. Available for pre-order, this advent calendar offers an exclusive marshmallow flavor each day from December 1-25. This year, XO Marshmallow has added hints inside the doors to help customers guess each flavor, and the answer is printed on the back of each compartment.

XO Marshmallow is offering a wide variety of gifts for the holiday season, all of which can be found on The Holiday Shop page on its website.