ofi (Olam Food Ingredients) has announced the launch of its premium deZaan cocoa powders for chefs, bakers and foodservice professionals in the US. Known for its 110 years of Dutch cocoa-making expertise and commitment to sustainability, deZaan is on a mission to encourage professionals to explore cocoa in new and creative ways.

The collection, which includes six high-quality cocoa powders in 1kg and 5kg bags, has been crafted around four key elements that dramatically impact the outcome of a recipe: flavor, color, fat content and level of alkalization. Flavors range from light and fruity citrus to velvety chocolate and caramel notes, while the color palette includes everything from the vibrant hues of Crimson Red and Rich Terracotta to the intense shade of Carbon Black.

The range also makes innovative natural powders available to US-based professionals for the first time. Most cocoa powders on the market are dutched, meaning they have gone through a process of alkalization to mellow the acidity and develop the flavor. deZaan has introduced two natural powders, True Gold, with its flavor notes of flowers and citrus, and a light natural color, and True Dark with its nutty fruitiness, and a dark color more associated with dutched powders.

The new range is sourced through Cocoa Compass, ofi’s sustainability ambition for the future of the cocoa sector. Cocoa Compass makes a commitment to help farmers achieve a living income, eliminate child labor, and protect forests through a net increase in tree carbon stock, all by 2030.

“Cocoa is a vital ingredient across so many pastry and dessert recipes. Yet professional chefs in the US have had to make do with limited options,” Diane Stopford, director of sales, deZaan for Professionals. “With the support of our team of ingredient development and innovation experts based in Chicago, we want to change that. Our deZaan powders are incredibly versatile and made only with the finest cocoa beans and processing techniques. We hope that by making these available, we can help inspire professionals to explore how cocoa can be used in their recipes and open their eyes to its unlimited potential.”

“Like many chefs, I was used to working with one or two cocoa powders. Now, experimenting with the deZaan range has made me realize that the type of cocoa powder you choose allows you to take control of your recipe and enhance the results,” says Andrew Pingul, pastry chef, deZaan for Professionals. “These cocoa powders offer bitter, floral and fruity notes, as well as different aromas and textures. For example, if I want something that is fruity but still maintains a creamy milk chocolate flavor profile, I reach for deZaan True Gold.  They expand a chef’s arsenal of ingredients, helping them to do what they do best – create and innovate.”