Artist Jenna Jenkins of Butter Sugar Flour is a Philadelphia native with 10 years in the cake industry. Almost completely self taught, she currently specializes in sugar flowers of all kinds both fantasy and botanically correct, according to Satin Ice. She has a love for whimsical and eclectic combinations of colors, textures, and techniques.

Her newest inspiration: “I had this idea and I wanted to create a creative play on an ocean spray.”

To create water drops, she wanted to try using clear isomalt to create the ocean spray. She loves the texture it created with water drops on the bottom tier.

“To achieve the texture: I spread out a thin layer of hot clear isomalt over the (Satin Ice) baby blue fondant. Keep in mind - you will want to spray it with a candy coat to keep it shiny and clear after it dries. Let the candy coat dry for ten minutes. Then run your hand along the underside of your rolled fondant letting the isomalt begin to crack into shards of ice.”

You can also use a rolling pin to help it along, according to the cake artist, and the panelling method is best for this technique.

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