The National Retail Federation is urging Congress to move quickly on legislation that would overturn new National Labor Relations Board regulations that allow unions to hold “ambush” organizing elections with little notice to employers.

“The ambush election rules approved by the NLRB give unions the ability to quietly rally workers for months, then spring an election on employers without allowing them equal time to make their case,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay says. “This legislation would restore a level playing field to ensure that employees can make an informed decision about joining a union. It would also help rein in a federal agency that is quickly getting out of control – the very purpose of the Congressional Review Act.”

A joint resolution was introduced in both chambers of Congress that would use the Congressional Review Act to overturn election rules adopted by the NLRB on a 2-1 party-line vote in December. Unlike typical bills that require 60 votes to clear procedural hurdles in the Senate, the Congressional Review Act would require only a simple 51-vote majority to pass and would be considered under expedited procedures. The measure would then require House approval before the NLRB regulations could be overturned.