What’s in your cake decorating toolbox?

For Jorg Amsler, owner of Truly Jorg’s in Chelsea, Massachusetts, the answer is actual tools: mini hammer, mini drill, extension cord, auto level, drop cloth, batteries, plug-in charger, and more.

“The attachment that I use the most is my circular saw (it fits on the drill), with a 1½-inch cut ability. I use it for straight cuts,” he explains, speaking at the 2021 International Artisan Bakery Expo in Las Vegas. “I love this saw. I use it all the time.”

Amsler, a widely known cake decorating expert and consultant, also has a mini jig saw to cut curves. He takes the toolbox everywhere and explains that “everything you see here is $200.”

Amsler spoke at IABE to provide cake decorators with time-saving ideas that add efficiency to any operation – large or small.

Truly Jorg’s is a consulting firm, specializing in start-ups, kitchen design, production, staff training, menu development and cost efficiency.