The importance of immune health in promoting resilience is the topic of a new ‘Mind the Gap’ resource developed by IADSA – the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations.

The World Health Organization has said resilience has “a very prominent role in essentially all of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The new Mind the Gap story is entitled ‘Fighting Fit: Building Resilience Through Nutrition’ and is available here. It explores how supporting immune health through nutrition is central to resilience. It also highlights how two billion people worldwide do not consume adequate nutrients, making it harder for them to maintain a normal functioning immune system and demonstrate resilience.

“With inadequate nutrient intakes so widespread, we need to find ways to help people maintain normal immune health and achieve greater resilience. Better nutrition education is key. Acting now could transform the lives of millions of people,” says Simon Pettman, IADSA executive director.

Mind the Gap facilitates the sharing of positive stories about the benefits that nutrition offers to consumers all over the world and society at large. It also seeks to fill gaps in our scientific knowledge, while promoting real-life examples of successful national nutrition programs.

Based in London, IADSA is the international association of the food supplement sector, with members from six continents. IADSA is the global platform to guide the evolution of policy and regulation in the sector.