Dunkin' Donuts on Feb. 8 announced the signing of a multi-unit store development agreement with a newly formed subsidiary of Sizzling Platter, LLC (Sizzling Donuts, LLC) for 11 new restaurants in Denver, Colorado and eight new restaurants in El Paso, Texas. The company also acquired two additional existing restaurants in El Paso, TX.

Franchise opportunities are still available in Denver, CO and Houston, TX. To drive its expansion efforts, Dunkin' Donuts has aligned its strategy to support the growth opportunities and consumer needs of individual markets.  As a result, the company continues to expand with single and multi-unit opportunities with no minimum unit requirements.

Sizzling Platter, LLC is a restaurant management company, which operates restaurants located in seven states in the Mountain West, Southwest and Pacific Northwest under the Little Caesars, Sizzler, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Ruby River Steakhouse, and Hoppers Grill & Brew Pub brand names.