To celebrate Día de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, McCormick has partnered with Eva Longoria, Lilliana Vazquez and Poderistas to share traditions and knowledge about the Mexican holiday with free family-friendly content and an exclusive online product giveaway.

As part of the partnership, McCormick will release a limited number of free Mexican Hot Chocolate Craft Kits on its website starting September 28 at 12:00 pm EST. The kits will feature information about Día de los Muertos curated by Poderistas, Eva Longoria and Lilliana Vazquez, as well as ingredients and tools needed to make Creamy Mexican Hot Chocolate, including: Mexican chocolate discs; McCormick Ground Cinnamon, Chipotle Chili Pepper, and Pure Vanilla Extract; a traditional wooden molinillo to whisk the hot chocolate; and an artisanal clay mug that can be decorated with colorful heritage-inspired designs using the included paint markers.  Also included is a pack of just-released PEEPS Marshmallow Skulls.

“Día de los Muertos gathers people together to honor and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed with vibrant traditions, tasty recipes and more,” says Jill Pratt, chief marketing excellence officer for McCormick. “We wanted to partner with Poderistas, a strong and powerful voice in the Latino community, to take part in this cultural moment and spark meaningful conversations that inform, empower and celebrate time-honored traditions.”

“Día de los Muertos is an important holiday for Latinos to celebrate and honor our loved ones,” says Eva Longoria, activist, actor, producer, director, and co-founder of Poderistas. “Through Poderistas, we have the power to uplift so many facets of our culture and heritage. I’m thrilled that McCormick is joining us as we continue to spotlight our experiences and traditions that show the joy and heart of our community.”

Leading up to Día de los Muertos, Poderistas co-founders Eva Longoria and Elsa Collins will host an Instagram Live event where they will unbox the kit, decorate the clay mugs and demonstrate how to make the Creamy Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe, all while leading a conversation about the significance of the celebration, including their personal stories and traditions. Similarly, Lilliana Vasquez will also be sharing information about Día de los Muertos, engaging her followers around culinary traditions.

The new Creamy Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe, along with other delicious staples and fun takes like Pan de Muerto, Guajillo Red Pozole, Chile Chicken Tamales, Churro Whoopie Pies and more are all available on McCormick’s Day of the Dead page.