Dawn is pleased to announce Clabber Girl Corporation is the Dawn Distributors Advantage (DDA) Vendor of the Year, honoring the company’s outstanding service and performance in 2011.  The DDA recognizes Clabber Girl Corporation’s intense dedication to taking great care of customers.

Gary Morris, President and COO of Clabber Girl Corporation, accepted the honor at the DDA awards dinner during the group’s annual meeting on January 10, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.

“We are deeply honored and thankful to be named the DDA Vendor of the Year,” said Gary. “This was a complete team effort from our dedicated employees who are part of a tradition of excellence that began more than 160 years ago.”

Originally founded in Terre Haute, Indiana, back in 1850, the Clabber Girl Corporation has become one of the most trusted suppliers of high-quality chemical leaveners in the world.  The company exports to more than 40 countries and is widely respected for highly accurate and timely customer service that has delivered steady growth over the past 10 years.

“Much like Dawn, our partners at Clabber Girl are passionate about delivering great quality every time and on time,” said Carrie Jones-Barber, Dawn CEO.  “We are proud to recognize the ongoing work that Clabber Girl team members are doing to ensure DDA customers succeed.”