A year ago, Easy Tiger in Austin, Texas announced the expansion of its Community Bread Challenge to 100,000 loaves, based on the city's overwhelming support and success of the initial program during the pandemic. The bakery asked the community for its continued support to reach a goal of 100,000 loaves of Community Bread by Labor Day 2021.

Easy Tiger revealed that it has achieved that goal and has also announced that Community Bread is now and forever a part of its business model.

“This is more than just a number,” says Easy Tiger chief executive officer Mike Stitt. “There are always going to be people who need good bread, so this is now a forever-thing at Easy Tiger. We will give back to our community with every day and every shift, each time the ovens turn on.”

The bakery’s ambitious plan has helped feed Austin residents in need. The bakery covered all labor and fixed costs to bake and deliver each loaf, and asked for community support to help pay for flour and other essential ingredients to make the bread. Community Loaves have been baked and delivered through partnerships with Central Texas Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Keep Austin Fed, Drive a Senior and Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

“Our hard working bakery team has really felt the support of this great community,” says head doughpuncher David Norman. “Knowing that our guests have helped put bread on the tables of those who are struggling boosts their day and lightens the work. Please continue to add community bread to your order when you are able. There are still so many in need and our team is proud to keep baking and delivering for them.”

In order to expand the Community Bread program, Easy Tiger has added a third shift to keep up with demand and is now baking around-the-clock. The company has expanded its Austin workforce to more than 400, from pre-pandemic levels of 180. As it expands production in the second half of 2021, it is looking to hire another 50 bakery staff.