Red Ribbon Bakeshop, a Philippines-based bakery brand offering sweet and savory baked goods inspired by authentic Filipino ingredients and flavors, will open its doors in Bakersfield, California on Saturday, August 28.

The international bakery brand has over 450 total locations and 30 bakeshops across the US with locations in California, Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Texas and Illinois. It has quickly grown in popularity, even being named to Technomic’s “Top 500 Chain Restaurants in the US” list.

Red Ribbon is best known for its selection of beautifully crafted cakes as well as a lineup of delectable pastries. Among its top-sellers:

  • Mango Supreme Cake – Made with the Philippines’ best mangoes, it features three layers of moist white chiffon cake filled with white cream and a golden, mango-filled glaze, and finished with additional mango chunks and topped with a maraschino cherry
  • Ube Overload Cake – Made with real Philippine ube halaya or purple yam, it is covered with white cream frosting and bright purple ube cake crumbs
  • Yema Caramel Cake – Soft, moist white chiffon filled and covered with yema (Philippine custard) caramel filling and finished with toasted cashew nuts
  • Butter Mamon– A sweet pastry that blends moist chiffon and 100% butter
  • Cheesy Ensaimada – Soft, moist bread topped with butter, sugar and cheese
  • Chicken Empanada – Savory dough filled with chicken and a unique blend of spices

“For many Filipinos, no holiday, family gathering or special occasion is complete without a delicious cake or welcoming spread of pastries from Red Ribbon,” says Agnes Briones, business unit head, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Inc. “In addition to serving Bakersfield’s close-knit Filipino community, we look forward to introducing our brand to new customers throughout the city who want to treat themselves and their families to a new and exciting twist on traditional bakery favorites.”