Bake up some love with the kids this Valentine's Day. It's the perfect opportunity according to the Wilton Kids Baking & Decorating Report. Moms surveyed said there is no better way to get kids in the spirit for year-round celebrations, like Valentine's Day, than baking and decorating.

"A child's baking experience at home is often remembered for a lifetime," says Nancy Siler, vice president of consumer affairs at Wilton and host of the popular public television series "Bake Decorate Celebrate!" As the industry leader in cake decorating, quality bakeware and food crafting for more than 80 years, Wilton Enterprises set out to discover what is important to young bakers and decorators and their moms. Top results include:

80% of moms say time with the kids is the main motivation for baking together

"Baking and decorating time offers bonding moments that are important to parents," says Siler. Her tip: Spread love this Valentine's Day by having kids send a heart-to-heart cookie to someone special, like grandma or grandpa.

75% of moms are interested in hosting a party that includes a baking and decorating activity for kids

Siler notes that cupcakes are the kid-sized treat preferred by 89 percent of the moms surveyed. Valentine's Day cupcake creations can range from heart-shaped with special messages, to cute love monsters and characters. Her tip: Package homemade treats made at a party and send them home for family members. It's a delicious way to say "I love you."

68% of moms welcome baking as a creative opportunity for youngsters, and 60% as a teaching moment

"Whether mixing batter, icing cupcakes or cutting cookie dough, baking sessions can build learning experiences used for a lifetime," says Siler. Her tip: Build a baking and decorating tool caddy for your child to encourage continued creativity and learning.

In addition to gathering stats and facts, the Wilton Kids Baking & Decorating Report inspired a new line of Wilton Kids™ baking and decorating tools and kits designed specifically for children ages 6 years and older. Included are easy, step-by-step instructions, fun shaped baking pans, colorful icings, decorating tips, cupcake totes, edible markers, sprinkles and fondant molds, and even a whirling Topping Tornado™ that makes decorating a real blast.

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