Dave’s Killer Bread loves to push the boundaries of bread, offering loaves packed with 21 whole grains and seeds, using quinoa for an extra crunch or adding sweetness with organic fruit juice. The newest loaf from the Thomasville, Ga.-based Flowers Foods’ brand, a bold new take on old-school rye, offers a signature taste and texture that differentiates itself from other rye options.

“Righteous Rye, like all Dave’s Killer Bread products, packs as much flavor punch into every bite as possible,” says Cristina Watson, brand manager, Dave’s Killer Bread. “Naturally, the stars of the show are rye flour and caraway seeds — the traditional ingredients found in rye bread. We add in a touch of sweetness, a pinch of saltiness and even a hint of wheat flavors to accent. The trick is making sure all ingredients complement each other perfectly for a uniquely Dave’s Killer Bread rye experience.”

These traditional ingredients include caraway, flax and poppy, creating a flavor balance of distinct rye notes with a sweetness that consumers love, Watson says. But Dave’s Killer Bread adds a unique crunch to its crust with a sprinkle of quinoa atop its loaves, along with other seeds, creating a balance of texture and softness.

“We have used quinoa in other Dave’s Killer Bread varieties for years, including our best-selling loaf, 21 Whole Grains and Seeds,” Watson says. “It was a natural addition to our new rye bread. In addition to being a ‘super food,’ quinoa is great for adding crunch as well as a unique visual appeal, especially as a topping on a dark-crusted loaf like our Righteous Rye.”

Visual impact was an important goal for the new rye loaf, Watson says, but getting that distinctive marbled dough effect required production adjustments.

“Marbling the dough was the answer,” Watson says. “Our talented team was able to do just that without any new equipment or incremental costs.”
Just like every other Dave’s Killer Bread product, Righteous Rye is USDA-certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified. Though the brand’s certifications and product textures are something its consumers have come to expect, Dave’s Killer Bread is always looking for ways to offer something unique to the bread aisle, Ms. Watson said.

“People are at the heart of every innovation we do,” Watson says. “We studied popular and traditional rye breads in the category. We came up with our own unique spin on a rye loaf that would offer the taste consumers expect. Naturally, we bake our rye with the organic whole grains and killer texture they love from Dave’s Killer Bread.”

Righteous Rye is available at grocers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $5.99.