Insomnia Cookies is looking to bring something special to Independence Day weekend celebrations with the introduction of its latest sweet treat, Firecracker Dippers.

The warm cookie delivery bakery chain has taken its popular mini red velvet cookie and sparkled it up with blue sprinkles to create the new Firecracker Dippers. The cookies can be enjoyed on their own, or customers can add their favorite Insomnia cookie dip: buttercream icing, cookie butter or cream cheese icing.

Firecracker Dippers are available in-store or for nationwide shipping. The holiday special is available while supplies last through Monday, July 5 at 3 am and varies by location.

Insomnia Cookies is also currently offering a special deal on its Cookie’wiches (which feature a scoop of cold ice cream sandwiched between two warm classic cookies). Customers can get two Cookie’wiches for the price of $10.