Spring and summer usher in an endless supply of flavor options. According to BakeMark, popular seasonal flavors are lemon, strawberry, and orange, and the tropical flavors like pineapple that have you dreaming of a beach on a deserted island.

BakeMark offers all the fruity flavors you need – and that your customers want – available in its Fruit-O products.

Maybe you are looking to make a raspberry lemonade cupcake, BakeMark offers the complete cake mix to fruity flavors, as well as offering amazing sprinkles.

With so many options in the flavors department, BakeMark proves to be your go-to solution for all things bakery. Not only do we offer you the best of the best in our bakery mixes, but BakeMark also has tons of options to meet the needs of any size bakery, in any area, and during any season of the year.

Top trends for 2021

According to Wilton, the following are top trends for cake decorators in 2021.

Colorful cakes certainly have their place, but nothing strikes the eye like a clean, black buttercream cake. Classy and elegant, black buttercream makes a great canvas for metallic cake paint or colorful candy decorations. The Enchanted Energy Cake, decorated with a black buttercream, is then painted with gold metallic paint. A few candy crystals really pop against the black frosting, 

Dessert Charcuterie Boards

Graze into the new year with a charcuterie board filled with all your favorite sweet treats. A popular trend for holidays and birthdays, these themed sweet boards are great for small gatherings with friends and family.

Buttercream Transfers

A time-tested method for making iconic designs, buttercream transfers are set to make a comeback in 2021. You can make letters, characters or logos using the buttercream transfer technique, but you can also create amazing cake wraps, like a Buttercream Transfer Heart Cake. No need to spatula ice this one, just pipe your buttercream design on waxed paper, freeze it, then wrap it around your cake.

Combed Cakes

Made by running a grooved icing smoother through buttercream frosting, combing your cake is a quick and easy way to add texture and style to your desserts.


Top your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more with candy-shaped icon art. All you need is a template and candy. Simply pipe the melted candy over the template and let harden. Once set, you can place the candy icons all over your cake for quick and easy decorating.