3Bros Dutch cookies, a family-owned business, opened its bakery last year in Fayetteville, Georgia. It is one of the only stroopwafel bakeries making fresh stroopwafels in the United States, not imported from Holland or Canada, and without preservatives built in to keep the stroopwafel shelf life lasting a year or longer.

3Bros Stroopwafels uses the original Dutch recipe, made with butter and sugar beet molasses which is then spread inside a pressed cinnamon wafer cookie. Unlike other stroopwafels on the market, 3Bros has limited the shelf life to only twelve weeks to ensure the ideal freshness. They are currently available in singles, 8-packs, and Snippers which are a great option for topping desserts. 3Bros can customize their fresh stroopwafels for any occasion with cookie cutter shapes and/or chocolate-dipped decorations and packaging.

3Bros Stroopwafels can now be found at over 75 local coffee shops, grocery markets and retailers in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. They are also available on Amazon and sold on the 3Bros website.

The company is already preparing for the 2021 holiday season with a variety of offerings. Among them are a “Tin of Ten” 3Broscookies Dutch stroopwafels, “Traditional Stroopwafel Gift” of an 8-count bag of stroopwafels and a 3Bros mug, a “Gift of Gold” featuring 4 classic caramel individually packaged stroopwafels topped and 2 chocolate-dipped holiday treats and the “Classic Luxury Holiday Gift Box” with 4 classic caramel breakfast stroopwafels and 4 delectable chocolate-dipped holiday treats.