Hanan Products, a third-generation maker of whipped toppings, icings, and dessert fillings, just turned 75 years old. Founder Stuart Hanan pioneered an industry when he created Tasty Whip, one of the first whipped dessert toppings ever manufactured for wholesale use by bakeries, institutions, and supermarkets.

Since then, Hanan has put the icing on an estimated 300-plus million cakes in supermarket chains and independent bakeries around the world.

Stuart’s grandsons, the company’s chief financial officer Paul Hanan and chief operating officer Ryan Hanan – are hands-on, ushering in new technology, on-trend products, and customer service innovations to their customers. The company has doubled in size over the past 20 years and come out on the other side of COVID-19 stronger than ever. 

“We are really trying to focus more to grow our business domestically. Transportation costs are going up, and we are in a new age of technology,” Ryan Hanan says.

Paul Hanan explains that clean label is gaining widespread importance, and they have addressed this demand with their Pure line of all-natural whipped toppings and icings. These products represent a revolutionary addition to the whipped topping and icing industry that incorporates world class stability with the cleanest label available. They are made with the finest all-natural components with no ingredients you cannot pronounce. 

For instance, a customer recently contacted Hanan Products to inquire whether its liquified sugar contains bone char, a common ingredient to whiten the color of sugar. Paul Hanan proudly informed the customer that Hanan’s product does not contain bone char because it is specifically sourced as vegan, and the customers was highly satisfied.

“We have also added a vegan product line. We are seeing a lot of movement in that,” he explains.

The company’s new Hanan Virtual Bakery Technician program provides customers with free, remote access to its in-house product specialists and food scientists.

“Now customer service is done virtually the same day, which offers customers a lot more convenience,” Paul Hanan says. “We have also upgraded our operations software. With artificial intelligence (AI), we can predict proper inventory levels.

Ryan Hanan points out that all-natural products are the “biggest trend in the market right now. All natural is coming – that’s the demand.”

Also, in the past, a lot of products contained high-fructose corn syrup. That is changing as customer needs evolve.

“We will not sacrifice high quality products,” he explains. “We are adding different product categories, which puts our products out for everyone. We listen to customers every day. We can hang our lot on quality, and R&D (research and development) is the backbone of our company.”

Hanan Products Company Inc. was founded in 1946 by research chemist Stuart Hanan. As a leading food production manufacturer, Hanan has developed a broad line of premium quality whipped toppings, icings, and fillings sold by distributors and used by supermarkets and bakeries around the world.