• Dawn Exceptional® Sourdough Raised Donut Mix (03019221)
  • Water
  • Plugra European Style Unsalted Butter (01046334)
  • Redstar Compressed Yeast (00917958)
  • Dawn Exceptional® Lemon Donut Filling (02506709)
  • Dawn Exceptional® Medium Thick Set Original Donut Glaze (00204123)
  • Dawn Exceptional® Single Stage Meringue Filling Mix (00020974)
  • Granulated Sugar


Make up the donut mix according to manufacturer’s instructions. Fry and let cool completely. Fill with lemon filling and glaze. Let set up completely.  Prepare meringue according to manufacturer directions. Sprinkle tops of donuts with granulated sugar (so meringue has something to “stick to”) and pipe meringue in a swirl, toast meringue and then refrigerate donuts. Serve cold.


Formulation courtesy of Dawn Foods