In celebration of the New Year, Mars Chocolate North America announces that its Dove Brand Dark Chocolate has partnered with celebrity chef Claire Robinson to showcase how to make 5 tasty New Year’s resolutions that are easy to keep all year long!

Many Americans start the year with good intentions to keep resolutions, but a large percentage give up as early as January because of incorrect expectations. Dove Dark Chocolate and Claire Robinson want to provide 5 tips and excellent options that can help people enjoy making healthy changes without compromising taste. Dove Dark Chocolate’s silky smooth creamy taste provides an unparalleled dark chocolate experience.

“Many people resolve each year to give up something they love, but that isn’t actually necessary in many cases,” says Debra A. Sandler, Chief Consumer Officer, Mars Chocolate North America. “We are thrilled to be working with Claire Robinson to kick-off the New Year with resolutions that people will be able to keep year-round without having to sacrifice things like the silky smooth taste of Dove Dark Chocolate.”

Claire Robinson’s Top 5 Tips For Keeping Resolutions In 2012 

Start with small steps – A common mistake is making drastic resolutions that are difficult to keep and that sacrifice important things. Choosing dark chocolate as part of a healthier regimen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great taste. Dove Dark Chocolate has all of the positive benefits of cocoa flavanols, but still maintains the silky smooth creamy taste the brand is known for. 

Create a built-in reward system – To reinforce your long-term goals, implement a built-in reward system that allows you to celebrate the small victories and keeps you motivated. The portion size of Dove Dark Chocolate Promises makes it easy to enjoy as a reward every day.

Enlist a friend – Life is about good friendships and accountability. Find a friend who has similar goals and check-in with each other regularly on progress and to find solutions to roadblocks. 

Make your time count – From planning a successful workout regimen to getting your errands done, split up your tasks into small, easy-to-accomplish steps. It may feel like it is taking longer, but you are actually adding space into your life. 

Do good, feel better - Choose a community or philanthropic organization that you are passionate about and get involved. And remember, by participating in a series of activities over a six-month period–not just a big “one-off” event–will make it easier to keep your commitment and avoid burnout.
As part of the year-long program, Claire will also share her “Top 5” finds for 2012 and a series of delicious, custom recipes featuring her new secret weapon in the kitchen: Dove Dark Chocolate. Her first recipe is a Flourless Dove Dark Chocolate Cake and is on the brand’s Facebook page.

In conjunction with the New Year’s program, Mars Chocolate North America is pleased to announce that its Dove Dark Chocolate brand is now the first mainstream chocolate brand to bear the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal on its dark chocolate products–reinforcing the company’s long-time commitment to cocoa sustainability.

Rainforest Alliance Certified farms meet comprehensive standards for sustainable agriculture that protect ecosystems and wildlife, conserve water, reduce agrochemicals, and ensure the rights and well-being of workers, their families and communities.

“I have always been a huge fan of Dove’s Dark Chocolate for its silky smooth creamy taste, and how the quality chocolate improves my recipes,” says Claire Robinson. “But now through their collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance when you enjoy Dove’s Dark Chocolate it not only tastes good, it does good and that is something that is important to me.”