In honor of Small Business Month in May, Adobe has released the findings of a new survey that looks at how small business are utilizing video in their marketing.

According to the software company, video is the most effective marketing tool not being taken advantage of by small businesses. The survey finds that only 35% of US small businesses are using video in their social media and marketing efforts.

The businesses that are using video marketing are getting results. 88% of the businesses that use video say this format drives more social media engagement than static images, and 86% say it leads to an increase in revenue for their business overall.

Despite this tool not being fully utilized by businesses, it is trending upwards. Nearly 50% of survey respondents say their video production increased over the last year, with another 10% of small businesses indicating that they started to experiment with video for the first time in 2020.

Making videos does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. 66% of small businesses use smartphones to shoot and capture their footage, and create their own videos in-house to eliminate the expensive costs of an outside expert. Adobe’s tools like Adobe Spark and Premiere Rush make it easy for customers to edit videos on-the-go or on a computer.

Many small businesses are finding that posting videos on a fairly regular basis is advantageous. 41% of businesses find that posting 1-2 videos per month is most effective, while 31% prefer a more frequent schedule of 1-3 videos per week.