The owners of Canfora Bakery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had an interesting way of dealing with a recent burglary of its shop.

When the bakery was robbed of its cash drawer on April 19, an image of the suspect was captured on its security cameras. In response, Canfora took that image and printed it on edible paper. It was then applied to dozens of sugar cookies that were frosted with buttercream and decorated with piping and sanding sugar.

On Sunday, May 2, the bakery offered these cookies to customers as a way to spread the word about the crime. After posting about it on Facebook, the bakery almost immediately started receiving tips.

According to a follow-up comment, the suspect had been identified. However, as of the morning of Monday, May 10, no arrest had been made.

Eric and Karen Krieg, who purchased Canfora in 2017, are currently in the process of transitioning the bakery’s name to Lakeside Bakery, which it had been referred to in the past. It’s known for its bread, hot ham and rolls, but also specializes in a variety of pastries and sweet goods.