California-based Randy’s Donuts is considered to be one of the most recognized donut shops in the world and one of the most iconic locations in Los Angeles. In the summer of 2019, it began franchising domestically, and while the pandemic put a halt to many of its plans in 2020, Randy’s has seen a wave of interest from both domestic and international franchisees in 2021.

The donut shop has reached a major new milestone by signing franchise development deals for 78 domestic stores throughout California in addition to 7 company stores (Santa Monica to open this summer), 10 company affiliated stores in development in Las Vegas and 7 in Central California. There have also been franchise development deals for France, Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait and Bahrain, now totaling 64 stores. In total, 165 stores are set to open in the US and abroad.

Additionally, Randy’s Donuts is in negotiations for dozens of stores throughout California and other states, and is currently in talks to develop the remainder of Europe, Mexico, Latin America and throughout Asia.

“It’s a very exciting time and we’re thrilled for new markets to experience our beloved handmade donuts in their own neighborhoods,” says Randy’s Donuts president Mark Kelegian. “We always believed that when the world started to see a glimpse of the end of the COVID crisis, that we would be one of the fastest growing brands in our category.”